Color, Texture, Depth

M.A.Tile and Stone Design, Inc. knows how much our clients love textured tiles! We are proud to showcase a collection that offers a new look to cover your walls with. This line is 100% made in Italy and was inspired by using the technique of mixing liquid clay with materials, such as paper or fabric, to create these highly expressive surfaces. Another positive aspect about this product is that it is recognized as environmentally friendly, based on its zero C02 emissions and recycled contents, and has been certified by LEED and other organizations. If you're looking to add another dimension into your space, this may be the way to go! Visit our showroom to see and feel this product for yourself!

Paper Clay off gypsium.jpg

Natural Stone or Phi Technology?

M.A. Tile is proud to announce a new collection that mimics the look of natural stone, through the innovation of Phi Technology. Phi Technology is a one-step, ambient temperature, ambient pressure process that joins the standard manufacturing process and mixing composition in the engineered stone industry, obtaining an exclusive natural stone look. This line is translucent, whiter than other leading manufacturers, and more stronger than granite! Check out the different applications that you can do with this new line, and stop by the showroom to get a first hand look!



  • translucent
  • whiter
  • stronger than granite
  • semi-finish
  • more practical
  • various edge details